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We help our customers to solve business problems in the new digital environment by fusioning creativity, innovation and strategy.


What's this all about?


DIVERSITY is a group of young people who embark on each project with passion and commitment to create something elegant, durable and effective. We work with public and private entities offering a wide range of products and services.

We cover all the development and infrastructure needs of a business, adapting them and transforming them to the digital age. We increase business value by designing projects focused on user needs through digital services.

Why choose us?

We adapt to your company, business or startup.

And that happens because we are completely oriented in the satisfaction of our customers with the maximum commitment, innovation, guarantee and quality since all our proposals are always adaptable and tailored to the real needs of the customers we work with. No more hidden fees, useless services, products and quite much more.


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* data shown as of September 2020
Quality obsessed

...and totally clear about our commitment to you and your interests. We are full-oriented towards excellence.

An exceptional team

...forged over years of growth around joint values. The most personal and direct attention included.

The best technology

Our products are above competition on their own merits, we offer industry-leading performance.

Always working

Our Operations Centre are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer support over 9000.

Our Services

Let us make your project grow offering our large portfolio of services

ICT Consulting

We help you to improve through the implementation of new technologies or software, increasing economic performance and reducing expenditure. We maintain our own ERP, SCM and CRM suites.

Web Develop

A complete service from the first day, totally adjusted to your real needs. No templates and web's in 24 hours! We incubate your web project with everything you need to achieve your goals.

Web Hosting & Servers

You can choose from different hosting plans, full bare-metal (dedicated) servers, virtual servers and public or private cloud. We will study your case to choose the best solution that fits the real needs of your projects.

Computer maintenance

All your company, business or startup IT and technological needs are fully covered. From the installation and maintenance of your equipment to purchase new computers or gadgets. All in one place! Take a sit, we handle the rest.

Domain management

We periodically and automatically check the ownership of the domains associated with our customers, we take care of the registration, transfer, update, ownership recovery and rescue of your domains.

VoIP and Cloud PBX

We recycle the PBX concept and manage a complete communication solution for your company and your employees. Connect your employees as if they were in the office, but from anywhere in the world.

IT blog

We're ready to share our experience.

Why take the plunge and upload your data and applications to the cloud
  •  26/09/2020
  •  Mikel Sorozábal
Why take the plunge and upload your data and applications to the cloud

Technology is evolving by leaps and bounds; companies cannot afford to be left behind in the digital transformation and not be overtaken by their competitors.

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7 advantages of VoIP over traditional telephony
  •  26/09/2020
  •  Carmen Martín
7 advantages of VoIP over traditional telephony

Analogue telephony or ISDN accesses are now obsolete. More and more companies have opted for IP telephony. These are some of the advantages for which they have taken the step to VoIP.

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What is the IP address and everything you need to know about yours
  •  25/11/2019
  •  Mikel Sorozábal
What is the IP address and everything you need to know about yours

You have certainly heard of IP addresses many times and in many contexts that have to do with the Internet, but what do you know about them? Find out what your IP address is and how important it is.

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